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Snowfall by efula Snowfall by efula
CD Cover illustration for my previous band called Dreamtone.
The concept behind this was the drug tests that America does on the African people and the deaths of thousands of people because of these uncontrolled tests.

This illustration asks if white is enough to cover all the pain that lies below. Obviously no:-) The molten ice turns into the tears in the eyes.

I painted the black face with acrylic paint on canvas and scanned the same face painted with 2 different techniques. Then I combined the painted face with a 3D modelled snow texture for the bumps on snow. Then I finalized everything in photoshop.

This illustration is not used, so it is for sale if you are interested:-)
Dragon-sith Featured By Owner May 22, 2007
Well this one looks better that the one that was use on the singles cover. The singles cover version is more flat and dosen't have that snow falling effect used in this one, ya' know wat am' sayin'?.

I'm i fan of DreamTone and can't wait so listen to their new stuff.
efula Featured By Owner May 23, 2007
the one that you saw without snows was the uncompleted version of the cover but because of the hurry we had to send like that. This was going to be used as the single cover but we parted our ways with dreamtone.
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